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View Diary: Republican shutdown could cost millions of veterans their disability pay (33 comments)

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  •  You cannot know what I think of John Boehner (3+ / 0-)
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    One clue - I am from Cincinnati also (Greater Cincinnati).  I left when I was 19 yrs old - never returned since 1978.  Too insular.  Too emotionally incestuous.  Too homophobic.  Too religious.  Too conservative.  Too judgemental.  Too Republican (now Kentucky also).  Too narrow and too condescending, closed and dumb.  Oh and too much.  Fucking too much.  Boehner can have it.

    Cincinnati and Boehner deserve one another.  My godparents owned a bar (salloon) also.  Spent a lot of my childhood there.  They were pretty simple folk - very Catholic - very good people - married cousins with three adult children challenged in various ways.  My own family of origin attacked me because they followed me cruising for men in downtown Cincinnati one early morning after the bar closed.  They actually followed me in our cars.  One brother - on another occasion - literally physically assaulted me - nearly breaking my nose (bloodied).

    •  Far more to this story. Due to medical appt (7+ / 0-)

      at the VA (CAD/IHD appt) service-connected Agent Orange related Vietnam veteran who served honorably.  May finish later - just received 50% service-connection in the middle of September - VA under orders after 630 + days (White House monitoring FL VA's) as the backlogs are atrocious at the Regional Offices here.  They said they were told "finish this case and others this old in September.  Last couple weeks I was contacted frequently by the VA for appointments related to the claim.

      The president is keeping his word, fellow veterans and fellow Americans.  I love him and I am so very proud of him.  We are fortunate to have him as our leader.  The Tea Party folks are an existential threat to our nation.  I really believe this deeply.  They do not believe in the common good.  In good government.  They want no government or little government to allow the corporatists to fluorish in our country - at the risk of (likelihood of) destroying the middle and working classes and the poor.  They are deadly to our culture and to the social safety net in the US.  I personally find their political stances disgusting and deadly to the American people and our society.

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