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View Diary: Republican shutdown could cost millions of veterans their disability pay (33 comments)

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  •  Not all vets think that (4+ / 0-)
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    Debby, Zinman, sillycarrot, Janet 707

    I'll be one of those not getting a check if this keeps up -- and I know exactly who is at fault -- John Boehner, the tea party, and the Republican party.

    But I knew the score a long time ago.

    What I wonder is -- will this crisis actually change anyone's mind?  People who can use facts, logic, and critical thinking already know the GOP is nuts.  The people who are on the side of the GOP don't use facts, logic, or critical thinking.  How are facts going to change anyone's mind?  Obama-haters are going to blame Obama -- not matter what the facts of the matter are.

    •  Will this crisis actually change anyone's mind? (3+ / 0-)
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      Zinman, Mage11an, elginblt

      I for one am not holding my breath. We've all seen plenty of evidence that what passes for the mind of too many Republican voters is not susceptible to facts. A Christian friend of mine, who walks the walk, and is an intelligent man, still seems to believe (in the face of all evidence) that Republicans have a leg up when it comes to morality. "They are not the upstanding people you think they are," I've told him more than once, but it does no good.

      So now we have people in Colorado Springs blaming it all on the despot Obama, and people here in DC saying Obama is keeping folks from seeing the ponies on Chincoteague, and truckers planning to block Beltway traffic to show Obama that they aren't going to take his despotic despotism one second more. Meanwhile, they doubtless feel that Boehner and the baggers are squarely on the side of the angels.

      "Boehner and the Baggers" would make a good name for a rock band, as Dave Barry would say.

      •  Only a little coffee on my keyboard (1+ / 0-)
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        LOL from "Boehner and the Baggers"

        It is really a conundrum.  These people live in an alternate universe that exists only in their own minds.  Someone needs to get across to them that Atlas Shrugged is just FICTION.  The world where Obama is a Kenyan socialist usurper is NOT REAL.

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