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  •  The messaging war (4+ / 0-)

    My new pipe dream - Every time a dem goes on tv, the first words to the interviewer should follow this template: "Wolf, before we get into a big back and forth between 2 politicians, I'd like to know what CNN has found out from the experts on this issue. Oh, nothing, then? That's unfortunate, and I believe it does a disservice to the viewers because they should know what the (hospital administrators, doctors and nurses) have to say about the idea of (primary health care being provided in emergency rooms), rather than just hearing two politicians arguing back and forth with a news organization playing referee. I'm fully prepared to explain the democratic position, but policy should be shaped by experts and that's who your viewers should hear from".

    This puts the onus squarely on CNN, et al to provide actual information while giving dems a chance to say, "We aren't making this up as we go along - we're listening to the people who know these issues".

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