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  •  My parents too (8+ / 0-)

    Both are college-educated.  My father has been treated for prostate cancer, and my mother has MS.  All of their medical costs are covered by Medicare and the supplemental insurance they have.  I tried telling my father ( the one more willing to listen to my side) that the ACA is very important to me (his only child) and my husband and daughter.  We would not be able to buy insurance without the ACA due to pre-existing conditions.  If my husband's job went away, and insurance with it, we would be unable to afford coverage.  If any of us got seriously ill, the elimination of lifetime coverage limits would save us from bankruptcy.  None of this swayed him.  Later that day, he sent me an email saying that the ACA was a disaster, and was designed to put insurance companies out of business and force us into a government run, socialist, single-payer system like they have in Canada and UK and that people who believe in the free market should be against it.

    My response to him was "then you should be happy to give up your socialist government run, single-payer Medicare, right?"

    I got no answer.

    •  this is exactly what I mean (1+ / 0-)
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      MRA NY

      How can a free-market solution, that is a potential gold mine for insurance companies, be socialist?  An idea created by the Heritage Foundation?  A REPUBLICAN construct?

      It's time to admit they are way, way better at propaganda.

      •  In order to be good at propaganda, (0+ / 0-)

        It is necessary to understand who your target audience is.  TheRepublicans understand that their audience is not the American citizenry, its the Media.  The media eats this stuff up with a spoon, and they make tons of money off of it.  It never matters that the controversy is a contrived lie, only that the controversy be hyped enough to bring in more advertising dollars.

    •  They do not like being called out on their (0+ / 0-)

      Govt benefits.  Try asking a farmer about how much he takes in government handouts.  That farm truck is depreciated...what about grain subsidies? Set any land aside in a federal/state wetlands program?

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