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View Diary: McDonald's employee arrested for interrupting speech by McDonald's USA President (116 comments)

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  •  There are many areas that have never gone up over (2+ / 0-)
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    the years.  Here is another example.

    When you apply for Medicaid and are told you make too much money, you can try to get on through their 'spend down' program.  They take your monthly gross income, then subtract the federal deduction for one person to live a month.  Then multiply that number by six, which is how long you would go before reapplying.  That number is how much you either have to spend on your medical care, or obligate yourself to owing for your medical care, before you can get a Medicaid card.

    The real kicker is that the federal government says that one person should be able to live on $200 a month -- a figure that hasn't changed in over 35 years.  Can you imagine anyone living on $200 a month in total, for everything?

    This was actually told to me by a health and human services worker.  By the way, he was as disgusted with it as I was.

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