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  •  Excellent. If the Atlanta Braves or Washington (9+ / 0-)

    Redskins has a losing streak, we can post pictures of dead Native Americans. Won't that be fun.

    The offense is the conflation of reality with a symbol and the insensitivity of those who have done so. Quite a few people agree in sentiment and have expressed their sentiment in poignant ways. What righteous cause is defiled by the picture being taken down? Or replaced by a cartoon drawing? Would not such a gesture promote harmony?

    Every moment the picture remains is a moment that reinforces division. It is precisely because we don't take up each others' legitimate causes that we're a train wreck of a nation. We're not citizens. We're consumers. And consumers are very much alone and on the whole not so different than the people this site claims to oppose.

    Offended by reality? It's time we faced reality and the consequences of our choices.

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