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View Diary: Day 10 of the shutdown: Delays in auto recalls, nuclear oversight furloughs at 104 power reactors (68 comments)

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    Meteor Blades, glitterscale

    Thank you so much for this summary, Meteor Blades, because I feel that it's so easy to forgot the peril the country is being put in by this shutdown.

    The TP Republicans seem heedless, and a few are even gleeful, at the mayhem they are causing.

    This is my government, my civil society, my social services, my health regulations, that they are taking down here. Enough!

    We need to organize and protest. They generate a little faux demonstration and the news is all over them. Meanwhile the majority that likes Obamacare okay (despite its flaws), and wants its government to function, has no voice.

    They are putting the nation at risk, and its partly because we are invisible. We need to get out in the streets and demand that OUR government be returned to us. Unscathed.

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