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  •  We the People is an ideal. We the Voters is real. (2+ / 0-)
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    paradise50, Tim DeLaney

    The problem is "We the People" have no say, it is "We the Voters" that get the job done and voter turnout is in the toilet, and the job isn't getting done. All those rights to free speech are great, but talk is cheap. We need people actually doing their job - voting.

    In some countries it is illegal to not vote. That has merit. It is illegal to ignore jury duty, so why can't we do more to force people to step up and act like citizens at the voting booth.

    I don't need to explain the million ways this could be done. There is so much low hanging fruit like vote on weekends, statutory days off etc etc.

    Get people to the voting booth an "We" will have a lot more influence.

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