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    mayim, BFSkinner

    At the beginning, so you can spend solo time with your new buddy and s/he can bond with the humans in the house first.  I find this really important (i now share a household with 7 cats and five out of the six intros were handled this way.)

    So with each, it's usually a month or more bonding time.  I know this may seem hard to juggle i to a pre-existing schedule, but the payout is that you have a new cat with better confidence about being in a new home.  Better confidence means better ability to cope with new pootie friend and they can establish their own relationship stqrting off on equal footing.

    The room i use i set up with a gate barrier (rigged with curtain barriers to keep the pooties on their respective sides) so that sight and smell can be exchanged.  The first few days, the old pooties will just hang out at the front of the gate staring in.

    My first pootie in the house is a low-key, low energy complacent kind of guy.  When I spoke to the rescue org where i was interested in one of their cats (seen on petfinder), they first asked about my cat and his personality.  As it turned out, the cat I was interested in had a similar personality type.  They were right, and they got along well.  They didn't bond with one another in any sense that they groom one another, but they do kitty nose greetings and there is true harmony and peace between them.  Essentially, the Princess' energy is so laid back, I've found she simply gets along with all.

    So look for a rescue org that knows their stuff! See if they can match you up with an appropriate candidate to begin with.

    Everyone else has also shared some really great ideas, but as far as letting cats work things out in their own, their are ways to smooth out the process... Like setting up that safe room and having bonding time.

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    by kishik on Thu Oct 10, 2013 at 06:01:40 AM PDT

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