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  •  I don't much care what happens after the killing (4+ / 0-)

    as long as it is sanitary. They showed very clean conditions which actually would make me feel Better in buying meat. I realize they are trying to disgust us away from buying meat but that part didn't work as intended if I get their intent correctly. It may be that I am less squeemish than some.

    In the video they showed more of what happens after the animal is killed-but to me the animals horrific living and dying conditions are most important. I think we should care much more about living animals rather than their carcass after death. I feel that is where our ethical or non ethical choice lies.

    Myself, I am having a big struggle around eating any meat that is not humanely raised or doesn't have a good life and/or dies a horrible death. Lately it is getting more and more pressing.  My own ethics bump against my necessary diet (low carb per MD)vis a  vis my money situation because I am currently on a very low fixed income. Organic/free range meat costs. 2-3x as much.

    I wish I could hunt. Those animals have a natural life and if done right can die quickly as far as I know.

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