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View Diary: How House Republicans guaranteed a shutdown: by changing the rules (105 comments)

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  •  Yet, that's only likely break in the impasse (3+ / 0-)

    Yeah, per Kos's graphs, the Republicans have a lot of reason to panic about their 2014 prospects.   But the GOP leadership seems unable to broker a break in the impasse with the minority tea parties.  They don't care; their seats are safe.  

    And GOP leadership are cowards; they don't want to cross the ea party because they know it will lead to outright civil war...not something they want on their watch, and they will be among the casualties.

    It seems to me that the only way to expunge the influence of the tea party is to break their link to GOP changing GOP leadership.  And to break that leadership, a core group of "moderate" Republicans need to broker a deal with Democrats with a public showing of "bipartisanship for the good of the country."  

    No matter what the outcome will be, surely Boehner's career as Speaker is kaput.  I expect he's a desperate man trying to hang on to a slim hope.

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