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View Diary: So what is really behind the GOP's new Debt Ceiling Offer? (6 comments)

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  •  My feelings too... but it is nail-biter city! (2+ / 0-)
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    whenwego, SaintC

    Senator Bernie Sanders said it best... if they are allowed to use extortion tactics now it will be on crisis after another until they destroy all of the social programs of the last 80 years... medicare, social security, the minimum wage, the EPA, FDA, department of Energy... and so on.

    My dad worked in law enforcement for his whole life and in weapons training they were always taught... Never bring a cannon on stage unless you are prepared to use it!

    Boenhner and the Teabaggers either never got the memo... or the Bagger faction really is that nuts to believe that we could come through a default without any damage.

    A run to sell off US Treasuries by major debt holders would be catastrophic to this nation and that is not hyperbole... now the question is will the rest of the GOP go along with the TeaBaggers... or grow some balls?

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