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View Diary: Here's How to Keep Defeating These Republicans: Open Letter to Pres. Obama (8 comments)

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  •  I'd love to have an answer to your question, TDHR (0+ / 0-)

    Thank you for your encouraging words, TDHR. Your question is one with which I've wrestled, with considerable frustration and consternation, for a long time.

    In late 2009, I published --as an op/ed in the BALTIMORE SUN-- another Open Letter to this president.  It is sad to think of all the damage has been done to this nation since then because Mr. Nice Guy didn't seem to recognize the nature of what he was up against and what that required of him to do.  

    That piece -- which can be found at  -- ended with these words:

    Your opponents are relentless, single-minded and ruthless in their efforts to weaken and destroy you. This is a continuation of the same struggle for which Americans chose you to be their champion. It's your job not to ignore the battle but to fight and win it.
    Clearly, by the president's handling of this blackmail episode --in contrast with his rewarding blackmailers on the shutdown threat in April, 2011, and on the default threat that August-- Mr. Obama has shown that he's learned an important lesson.

    But the question remains how much he's been able to generalize the particular lesson ("don't reward hostage-takers") into the necessary general lesson ("Job One is to defeat the destructive spirit that's taken over the Republican Party").

    And I would love an answer to your question, because the more people call out to the President to press the battle, the more likely he is to understand and act upon that general lesson.

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