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  •  I'm also late, (2+ / 0-)

    but I have to comment (besides, I think that lots of folks will be coming back to this diary for awhile):

    I generally avoid debate with people I know these days because it's so hard to sway opinions when everyone has their own "facts," but the diarist did an outstanding job of locating and presenting credible sources here. A lady I used to work with back when I was a state employee still e-mails me on occasion. Although she also considers herself "moderate" and is still a public employee, she occasionally passes along chain e-mails from friends and family deriding the government. Recently I got one from her containing an analogy about cats repeating the standard stereotypes of lazy, litigious, and incompetent gov't employees. I responded to her and the entire e-mail thread as follows:

    "It has been my experience that there are many more public employees out there like you than like that fictional cat. I will defend the hard  work that you have done, in the face of low pay and constant harassment, to anyone."

    She responded with a sheepish thank-you. No one else in the thread responded at all, which I took as a good sign.

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