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  •  a tip about COBRA (9+ / 0-)

    if you do end up losing your regular coverage: You may already know this, but in case someone doesn't -- they have to send you a letter telling you how to sign up for COBRA, and then you have 60 days to decide, and if you sign on it's retroactive to the end-date of your regular employer coverage. What that means is that you can wait out 59 days (which should carry you past Jan. 1 when the ACA coverage would kick in), and if you didn't need any medical care during that time, just don't take the COBRA. If you did, elect it, pay the premiums, and send them the bills.

    It's exactly what the insurance companies do NOT want -- sick people electing insurance, healthy people saying "no thanks" -- but for you it could work out just fine.

    I am expecting COBRA coverage to go extinct in a year or two, as everyone figures out that it's way more expensive than policies under the ACA, or at least no cheaper. It was an essential piece only when people had no independent way to buy coverage that was basically group plan rather than individual.

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