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View Diary: NJ-Gov: Could this front page NYT story defeat Chris Christie? (178 comments)

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  •  it depends... (8+ / 0-)

    ...whether this story "has legs," as in: What else is there about this case that hasn't been reported and will reporters continue to pursue this? What's the next step here? Is this over with? Is another law enforcement agency looking into this? What about ethics violations?

    If this is a one-day New York Times story, this may not help Buono all that much. If this can be kept alive and especially if there are any more shoes to drop here (such as the opening of a criminal investigation for obstruction of justice, for instance), it seems that this could have legs.

    Many New Jersey voters may be cynical enough to think that this stuff goes on all the time in both parties, but it's one thing to just generally assume such a thing and quite another to see clear evidence of your state's own governor blatantly misusing his power...and the law...for corrupt political purposes.

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