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  •  Tipped and recc'd for the nostalgia value (15+ / 0-)


    My one-and-only personal involvement with a VW bus (a first-generation Microbus from the early '60s) was helping friends-of-friends move house some time in the early-mid 70's in L.A.
    I got the job of actually driving it, as I had the then-unusual skill of driving a stickshift: so I got to help load the bus up, filling every usable cubic inch with stuff, then heading out onto an L.A. freeway. In a fully-loaded VW bus. All 40 horsepower of it. Flat-out at, ohh, 35-40 mph. Did I mention this was on a freeway?

    And, yes, the realization (helped along by a stream of air from an ill-fitting door) that your knees (hell, whole body) were only an couple of inches or so of well-oxidized sheet-metal away from total evisceration really served to concentrate your attention on your driving!

    Good times....

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