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    the kids ruled the back. Not being tied down made the long drives alternate between great fun and epic rounds of "he touched me."

    These days you have to have video games and movies otherwise the children go insane. I suppose that really means the battles and fun has just moved to a more virtual reality?

    Still a lot memories in the VW's. My first car was a green bug, I have no idea what year. The seat didn't adjust at all and it was set up for someone 6 foot tall which I am not. Being young and stupid instead of getting a pillow or something I would pull my self up to push the clutch in, brilliant, I know. Oh and the defrost didn't work. I can't believe I lived through that fall. I still shutter when I think of a particularity dangerous freeway interchange with a left lane merge on a corner going up hill. I couldn't see with the windows all fogged up. I couldn't steer very well because I was using the steering wheel to hold my self up while I changed gears and I was having a hard time changing gears because I needed both hands to steer while turning. Jeeze I was stupid.

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