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View Diary: MAJOR Update: 84,000+ signed up for Obamacare; Window Shopping finally added! (155 comments)

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  •  In case you weren't aware, I've been one of the (0+ / 0-)

    ...HHS Dept's greatest supporters and defenders up until today (see my previous diaries on the subject).

    I was willing to give them a huge benefit of the doubt during the first week or so, and I do recognize that some of the factors are out of their control (ie, they weren't expecting to have to handle 36 states, etc). Yes, some level of bugs in the system are normal and will take awhile to work themselves out, and yes, the initial traffic surge was probably more than they should have expected.

    However, it's been 10 days now; they can no longer blame the issues on massive traffic spikes. The bottom line is that the ID vendor who coded the site did screw up massively. The question is how quickly they can recover--and by recover, I mean get the site so that it's stable, reasonably quick-loading, and most importantly, relatively bug-free.

    The diary is actually a lot more forgiving than many responses have been, if you hadn't noticed.

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