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View Diary: Harry Reid: No dice on a six-week debt ceiling hike (114 comments)

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    Sir Roderick, liberte

    There's a lot of disappointment. Many people did believe that there would be more wonderful things. After all, we had...well, in one sense, a filibuster-proof majority...except it wasn't.

    We had idiots like Bart Stupak and Holy Joe Lieberman giving us a harsh reality check. In the end it turned out that the nominal party balance didn't reflect the actual balance in Congress as a whole. Congress as a whole has a majority of conservative American'ts. And, as American'ts do, they want to say no, they want to hold back progress unless they get their little ego-fluffing moment.

    Aside from the disappointed folks, there are others that would like to blow up the system. There's a sizable number here who feel that the two-party system in and of itself is the cause of all this. It's hard to disagree. When it becomes "Democrats = Republicans," it is problematic. But it is a niche here, and it's a niche that is certainly supported by many.

    Others simply just don't like Democrats and wish to support other parties or just not vote. That's their prerogative.

    But you know, there's a little thread here too, and this is just my opinion, my interpretation. To me, a lot of people really do want to be seen as right. Think about it...if what President Obama is doing ends up benefiting the country, as it largely has, the mantras of "He's a corporate sellout," "he's a Republican" would look pretty silly and foolish. Accordingly, since most people see Obama as helping, as his approval shows, then this means that the people are 'plugged into the matrix.'

    95% of black folks approve of Obama -> They are deluded, brainwashed, what's wrong with them?
    80% of Asians approve of Obama -> They are deluded, brainwashed, what's wrong with them?

    The people with the normal FUD (distinguished from legitimate grievances such as the whole Snowden thing, the drones, the Wall Street revolving door) feel that they are the holders of the Cassandra Truth. If only the sheeple would just listen to them, and do something, anything, against Barack Obama the Republican who honestly, truly, wants a grand bargain to sell their grandparents down the river. The sheeple are not unplugged from the Matrix like they are. Only they can see the world for what it is.

    And so on and so forth.

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