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  •  Florida too could use more attention from the dems (0+ / 0-)

    The southern part of Florida gets lots of attention, but the Northern part gets ignored.  We had 3 people running for the House in our district.  One Democrat, one Republican and one Independant.  The republican had millions at his disposal, his signs were everywhere, he came to schools and churches and had meeting with voters.  The dem had only $35,000 to spend, just a few signs, a website and not much else. The independant didn't even get that much.  So the republican message got out there loud and clear, and the winner, Ted Yoho, is all over the news now.  Mr. Teaparty.  He was supported by all the rich in the district and the Cattlemans Association.  I know one rich landowner who had a big barbaque for him at his place.  Those poor folks in my area who voted for him didn't realize he didn't have their interest at heart.  

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