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View Diary: E Pluribus Contentio: The Origins (and Dangers) of the Tea Party Shutdown (64 comments)

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  •  great piece! have had similar "discussions" (0+ / 0-)

    ...but without any let-up in the ignorant din of their heaped abuse;  it's the double-down, effect, I fear - not only "don't tell me what to do/think/etc", but "don't tell me I'm ill-informed, don't embarrass me with questions I can't answer, don't make me feel stupid instead of powerful".

    This, BTW, is the answer to the ancient question:  "how did Hitler manage to sell his obscene shit to the sensible, stable German populace?"  Nurture the butt-hurt, coddle and enhance their sense of injury, build up their sense of entitlement as the "bedrock/volk of the nation".  Help them organize into bands of roving savages (we only have that on the net, around here (thankfully)....

    No matter how the immediate crisis resolves, something fundamental has been broken in our national unity and our shared sense of being citizens together.  There are 'friends' I will never speak to again, and maybe even one family member;  there are 'friends' I want never to see or hear from again:  decades of increasingly deranged and increasingly personal attacks from folks in my personal inner circle as well as co-workers, TOTAL strangers and family members have made me quite reactive to the I'm-not-listening;  and having been beaten, deprived, ostracised and otherwise punished for every show of independence of thought or action since I was a very small child, I've finally achieved a place where I'm just not going to take it anymore.  Those who would do such things - to me, to my friends, to my neighbors, to my community - are not themselves my friends:  they have no good in their hearts for me or for anything that matters to me.  I do not need them around to make sure I get my nose rubbed in the latest shit from talk-radio, from the online echo-chamber, from Freako Jones & his planetary prison, or from the gawdstruck.

    Done now.  I've GOT the message:  they WILL NOT HEAR FROM ANY OTHER POINT OF VIEW...that based on the last 20 years, plus.  taken plenty and it's starting to come back out now.

    One of the greatest Westerns is a John Ford film, "Fort Apache";  there is a scene in which the fort's commander prefaces his response to Geronimo:  "don't fancy it up, give it to him straight:  they're recalcitrant swine, and must be made to feel it."  "Col. Thursby's" choice leads to short-order disaster.

    I NEVER had any sympathy for this character before...but now, amid the current horrific prospects, the sneering faces and contemptuous voices of the grass-roots hateful superimposed, the near-constant reminders the gleeful REFUSAL to listen, or to even think - on the other side...I find myself, with a shock, recognizing that tragic martinet in myself:  THEY ARE RECALCITRANT SWINE, AND MUST BE MADE TO FEEL IT

    Maybe this will pass;  it certainly interferes with my zen-like calm and cultivation-of-stillness and all that, and for me that's tragedy all its own.  I wish better luck to you, and to anyone who still has the heart for that particular effort.

    trying to stay alive 'til I reach 65!

    by chmood on Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 08:12:08 AM PDT

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