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  •  Yep, the money is negligible (3+ / 0-)
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    The money from the medical device tax can be made up for by the discovery that medical costs are rising a bit slower than forecast in 2009.  So it's (for the record; reality is not the point) not actually needed.  It's a dumb tax anyway.

    So throwing Collins a bone in exchange for a long-term lifting of the debt cap and a reopening of the government is a good deal. It gives the "adult" Republicans a point (helping divide their party), it doesn't fool anyone, it makes the teabaggers with their demands look stupid, and it lets the villagers say that Obama made a deal while still looking strong.

    Unconditional abject surrender would be better, but surrender of the teabaggers as the residual moderate wing of the party bolts is charming too.

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