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View Diary: Senate Republicans block bill raising debt limit through 2014 (136 comments)

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  •  Setting aside Collins for a second: (2+ / 0-)
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    DRo, sethtriggs

    What exactly would be the issue with a well implemented income verification system that doesn't impede the implementation of the ACA itself or its subsidies?

    This isn't about people falling all over themselves to get a poison pill.  Instead, it's about taking a right wing idea and using it against them, because the basic idea is actually sound, even if the way it is structured in the bill makes it a poison pill.

    Now, back to Collins and her poison pill:  Politics is about perception.  Republicans running around screaming "They won't accept income verification!" while Democrats have no way to answer back because they flatly refused it with no counteroffer presents a potential perception problem.  Most people would find the overall idea of income verification to be a prudent reasonable request - who wants someone of means to be able to abuse the subsidies?  However, most people pay no attention to the nitty gritty details, so would have no idea it was a poison pill designed to bork implementation of the ACA.  As such, flatly refusing on the poison pill, because most people have little interest in details, could end up having a negative influence on the perception of the Dems.  As such, it is prudent to throw the counter offer out there because it gives both political cover and because income verification in and of itself would have popular appeal and isn't really a bad idea.

    Lets face it - the ACA itself is technically a Republican idea to begin with, so taking Republican ideas and using them against them isn't something new.

    •  Step back, If you insert the Verification then ACA (2+ / 0-)
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      PorridgeGun, sethtriggs

      is delayed until that is working.

      So ACA is delayed just as GOP wants.

      The next step after the verification stop ACA implementation is to kill it because of the problems with verification.

      Result: ACA is dead.

      •  Not necessarily. (1+ / 0-)
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        It's a simple matter to change the language in the legislation to remove the requirement that the income verification system must be in place before subsidies can be given.

        There is nothing that says one cannot word an income verification amendment in a way that does not affect the immediate availability of subsidies.

        That's the point I think you're missing.  Legislative language is not an absolute - it can be changed.  As such, Democrats accepting the idea of an income verification system on the condition of it being brought about by language in the bill that isn't a poison pill is perfectly acceptable, and gives Democrats political cover from the Republicans using a talking point that says they rejected something many voters would agree with outright.

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