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View Diary: Senate Republicans block bill raising debt limit through 2014 (136 comments)

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  •  There already IS "income verification" (1+ / 0-)
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    two levels, in fact. First level: you have to show that the income you've put in as your 2014 estimate is reasonable in light of your past (2012) tax return, though you can flag changes in your income since then such as lay-offs, retirement, etc. (Our state website is having trouble doing this, so you have to either go in or mail in your pay stub and 2012 tax return, as I did this morning.) Second level: When you actually do your 2014 tax return, the subsidy you receive gets reconciled against your actual 2014 income, and if you guesstimated too low, you have to pay back part of the subsidy.

    I can't imagine how else they are going to verify income for a year that hasn't arrived yet. My employer certainly isn't going to confirm a year in advance how many courses they're going to hire me to teach.

    Maybe the GOPers don't even know how the ACA actually works now. Maybe they could get one of their smart young tech-savvy interns to walk them through the website to see it in operation.

    Or maybe they're just trying to come up with reasonable-sounding ways to block it and couldn't do any better than this.

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