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  •  a former Lieberman supporter agrees (none)
    Oddly enough, I agree with you, even as a former Lieberman supporter.

    It's possible Joe would show some surprising strength tomorrow -- he did seem to get a bounce out of his outstanding debate performance.

    However, there's virtually no chance of Joe climbing into this race.  That said, I believe the logical choice is John Edwards -- and I made that jump myself a few weeks ago.

    I sense, honestly, that America is tired of the divisive politics of post-9/11.  That's why they responded so poorly to the president's SOTU speech -- the sense what the president's trying to do.

    A nation under attack, a nation facing a threat, has a basic impulse of wanting to unite to face those dangers.  We'd like to stop being two camps and become a single people.  Edwards is one of the best ever at articulating this sense of coming together.

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