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View Diary: House Dems move to force Boehner to Take the Vote (106 comments)

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  •  Yes, it *is* pressure (1+ / 0-)
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    I love OCD

    But the original comment was to pressure Republican reps to sign it. The point is to get Republican reps to pass the CR, not to sign petitions intended to pressure themselves to pass the CR.

    “Texas is a so-called red state, but you’ve got 10 million Democrats here in Texas. And …, there are a whole lot of people here in Texas who need us, and who need us to fight for them.” President Obama

    by Catte Nappe on Sat Oct 12, 2013 at 03:27:24 PM PDT

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    •  The problem is (9+ / 0-)

      that right before the shutdown there was a modification to congressional rules on who can introduce a bill to be voted on.  It should be noted that therule change only applies to this particular legislation.

      Key element of the change:

      Here's the rule in question:
      When the stage of disagreement has been reached on a bill or resolution with House or Senate amendments, a motion to dispose of any amendment shall be privileged.
      In other words, if the House and Senate are gridlocked as they were on the eve of the shutdown, any motion from any member to end that gridlock should be allowed to proceed. Like, for example, a motion to vote on the Senate bill. That's how House Democrats read it.

      But the House Rules Committee voted the night of Sept. 30 to change that rule for this specific bill. They added language dictating that any motion "may be offered only by the majority Leader or his designee."

      So unless House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) wanted the Senate spending bill to come to the floor, it wasn't going to happen. And it didn't.

      So it appears that the only way to get something on the floor to vote on is the discharge petition.
    •  A discharge petition is a legislative maneuver (2+ / 0-)
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      janetsal, Terri

      not just a stack of signatures to pressure Republicans. If they get enough signatures, the CR bypasses Boehner and goes to the floor for a vote -- he can't stop it.

      As usual, Rachel Maddow explains it best. Well, and Reese Witherspoon. Seriously.

      Key part of the transcript:

      ....take over john boehner's job, to maneuver around him for one vote by using something that is technically called a discharge petition, but which for the last few years at least, everybody really just thinks of as the Reese Witherspoon option. in the Reese Witherspoon movie " Legally Blonde 2," not only did the whole plot turn on a successful use of a discharge petition, but Reese Witherspoon and her castmates did, in the movie, basically a perfect job of explaining how one works. so watch this here. what they are explaining here is now the democrats' best idea and probably our nation's best chance for ending our very real four-day-old government shutdown.

      >> i just don't think i'm cut out for this.

      >> oh, we have a plan. two words for you. discharge petition.

      >> with a couple hundred signatures, we can spring bruiser's bill from the committee straight to the house floor for a vote.

      >> i don't know. that sounds really complicated.

      >> you've come farther than any of us while maintaining your bounce and sparkle. we never sparkle.

      >> i mean, none of us ever thought one person could make a difference until you came along.

      >> well, if i remember correctly, isn't that, like, 218 signatures?

      >> it's not that hard.

      >> yeah. yeah. i guess i know women with more shoes than that. wait, that's me.

      >> elle, it's time to finish what you started.

      >> swelling music.

      ...and it works! in the movie it works. bruiser's bill can't come to the floor for a vote otherwise because the speaker won't let it come to a vote and it gets forced onto the vote by Reese Witherspoon. they gets 218 signatures. that's something they want to vote for if only they had the chance. takes it out of the speaker's hands. it's a plot in a not-so-great movie. it's also now a real thing. and now honestly, it is the only plan to bring the government back from the shutdown.

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      by Eileen B on Sat Oct 12, 2013 at 11:23:36 PM PDT

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