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View Diary: Robert Reich: "Giving Republican Bullies a Bloody Nose Isn't Enough" (180 comments)

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    from a place of fear and start thinking from a place of strength and what's right.  Stop trying to decide based on what they might do and instead steadfastly pursue what is right.  This is always the problem with democrats.  We're terrified of our own shadow, of what the public might think, and how republicans might react.  I think this is because our party is filled with people who have suffered greatly from bullies, discrimination, and economic injustice.  While this gives us a terrific sense of egalitarian justice and a better understanding of how economy works for real people, it also leads us to think like losers who cower in fear rather than fighting (remember all the pathetic loser crap we've heard over the years about pragmatic realism, the perfect being the enemy of the good, and being the adult in the room?).  The problem is that we can only build support by standing strong, proud, and fighting.  No one follows the fearful person who cowers and who concedes everything because such "leaders" cant be trusted to have your back.

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