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View Diary: Robert Reich: "Giving Republican Bullies a Bloody Nose Isn't Enough" (180 comments)

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    No, being concerned with Palestinians does not make one anti-Semitic.  Not by a long shot.  But forgetting equity and logic and mindlessly going along with bigoted movements such as BDS is anti-Semitic.  It is anti-Semitic because it uses a double standard.  It permits barbarism from Palestinians, while railing against Israel for everything, real and imagined.  BDS has been, from the start, an organization dedicated to Israel's destruction.  There is not the slightest concern for the Palestinians themselves, there are no efforts being made to assist them.  It is a cynical witch hunt.  The proof is in the "Kill the Jew" chants at their rallies.  They are basically interested in perpetuating anti-Semitism, and using alleged concern for Palestinians as a blind.  For a Jew to criticize actions of the Israeli government is very legitimate.  To criticize policies is not bigoted at all.  But to call into question Israel's existence is anti-Semitism.  It is a call to end the one Jewish state on the planet for reasons which are untrue or exaggerated.  Apply those same factors to any Islamic country and there will be none left.

    Anti-Israeli policy is legitimate.
    Anti-Israeli existence, and holding it to a double standard is anti-Semitism.

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