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  •  If you do not think, you will have no perception (4+ / 0-)

    of yourself and whether or not you are is not an issue.

    The ineffable lightness of being is a consequence of being not being perceived. Some people do not know they exist and do not see themselves as distinct entities. They are for the most part reactors. That is they act in response to some external or internal prompt, automatically and without giving it a thought. Most people arrive at that point through force of habit. That is, after they do the same thing often enough, it becomes a habit and they don't think about it. Some people develop habits as a result of imitation. "Monkey see, monkey do" and have no awareness of where their behavior came from.
    I think it is useful to subdivide selfishness into self-centered and self-aware because the self-centered are often not self-aware. They cannot look at themselves as if looking from outside. They do not see themselves as other see them. They do not know themselves.
    Since Socratese thought it necessary to advise his followers to "know thyself," it seems fair to conclude that we have had the unknowing among us almost forever. Jesus said to forgive them because "they know not what they do."

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