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View Diary: Any Cognitive Psychologists out there? Help me with this one. (27 comments)

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  •  Your answer is already pointed out by the (0+ / 0-)

    "rscheearch at Cmabridge" poster above, plus other references to right-hemisphere pattern recognition/associative thought. While it might be self-species-gratifying to give our-human-selves much credit for creative thoughts, in truth all sorts of different animals perform similar associative feats every day, usually in in search of food - the bears that know where the Yosemite garbage bins are (and sometimes how to open them), the storks that wait upriver for dolphins to spook fish onto the shore, the seagulls that hover over fishing boats, but not above the pleasure craft.
    Animals also have symbolic language, e.g., the meercats have various calls for danger, come-hither, love me now and so on, but as far as we are aware we are only the ones using written language (barring a captive gorilla or two).
    In fact, your COL8 (transposed from CO8L)  spoken silently can be none other than collate, thus the issue is likely not the form collate takes, but how the pattern recognition-cum-transposition might manifest. That we enjoy stimulation and novelty is one source of it. There is a kind of self-stimulation and fun that comes from purposefully (or non-purposefully) rearranging the mental furniture, so to speak, for a nice jolt of "I wonder what will happen if I rewrite it this way...".  Finally, it's not always unconscious - journalists quite deliberately twist language with puns and cutesy associations to spice up their titles - "Tigers maul the Red Sox", "Airlines in flap over fees", "Cook dismissed for salty language", etc.
    It's just what we do!

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