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  •  Or Peggy Noonan and Reagan (3+ / 0-)
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    BusyinCA, Ishmaelbychoice, skohayes

    Iran Contra was..”unlucky”. It was not a disaster, but it was ..”a mistake”

    Noonan opines in her book of the past:

    “The men around Reagan... failed... and in failing, they dealt a bad blow to the President”

    Jon Stewart translates :
    ”The people around him simply failed” – sniff – “and hurt their President”. “The only thing he was guilty of was trusting too much - and selling embargoed arms to Iran (Ayatollah Khomeini) for the release of hostages and funneling the money to coked-out jungle rapists in Nicaragua

    “Imagine a man nobody hates… Reagan who I adored… He was to popular politics what Henry James was to  American literature: He was the master.. He was probably the sweetest, most innocent man ever to serve in the Oval office… He was never dark, never mean… This sunny man touched so many Americans… Ego ties us all in knots, but not him… ‘No great men are good men,’ said Lord Acton, who was right, until Reagan” -  Noonan

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