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View Diary: GOP Shutdown/Default - Latest Updates and Observations (10-13-13) - Harry Reid v. Paul Ryan (172 comments)

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  •  Well done. (19+ / 0-)

    There is a way that Boehner to hold onto his Speakership until 2015.  He allows the bill from the Senate to go to the floor and allow the Republicans who are willing to vote with the Democrats in exchange for the Democrats, along with the 20-25 Republicans to back him to retain his Speaker role.

    But Boehner must also agree to the terms of running the House under a coalition of Democrats and a few Republicans.  That shuts the Ryan crowd out, shuts the Tea Party Caucus down and then Boehner comes out and announces that he will not run for re-election in 2014.  He saves some face and shores up his future with some XYZ Washington insider firm.

    This is the only outcome now.

    •  I buy into this scenario (6+ / 0-)

      Boehner is toast with his caucus and probably in his district as well.

      He should aim for the long game of the Man Who Saved America From The Brink.

      John, this is the answer!

      “Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” FDR

      by Phoebe Loosinhouse on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 07:03:02 AM PDT

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    •  That would be humiliation of truly (8+ / 0-)

      Brobdingnanian proportions.  Essentially he would be Speaker in title only, taking his actual orders from Nancy Pelosi.  To add insult to injury, this would be visible for the world to see.

      Mind you, I'm saying that it would be completely deserved.  His pusillanimity in the role, and his inability to win even basic respect from all but a small minority of his own caucus, is what got him into this position in the first place.  We Democrats may be a notorious herd of cats, but Pelosi had (and has) the respect of the entire caucus and when she needed to get something done, it got done.

    •  Interesting idea. But (0+ / 0-)

      the concept of a "moderate" coalition is anathema to TP extremists who use the threat of primary challenges to keep everyone in camp.

      Of course, if the big money interests who have been filling the TP trough come to their senses and realize that economic and political nihilism does not serve their purposes the dynamic may change. There are signs that the spigot is slowly closing.

    •  Progressives for Boehner . . . (0+ / 0-)

      now that has an eerie ring to it. Imagine Rep. Grayson voting for Speaker Boehner, now that would be a twist worthy of a Dickens novel. The reality is Boehner is approaching his Waterloo and Democrats are not going to bail him out of his self-made predicament. He banked on a Democratic cave on par with summer 2011 and instead got rolled by Obama and Reid. The upshot is Republicans will back an even more extreme Speaker and their members will follow their new leader over the cliff to join the Whigs on the craggy boulders of history. Just saying, you don't get smart by acting stupid.

      As surely as there is a god in heaven, I am an atheist.

      by Gemut on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 01:47:52 PM PDT

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