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View Diary: GOP Shutdown/Default - Latest Updates and Observations (10-13-13) - Harry Reid v. Paul Ryan (172 comments)

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    & I'm all over these good feelings thanks to khyber9'hundy'!

    Warm & fuzzy to realize someone else totally gets how... (insert unkind words here) ... P. Ryan is.. "Dark Lord" indeedie-is... just try to read whatever version of "his budget.."

    (SideShow: WI currently certainly has at least close to a dozen nasty mofo's cut from the same dark cloth from the p90 underverse as the (...) guy just mentioned above..)

    Reid.. if report suggests.. is kinda my new hero?

    If only we could be more interested in Policies than PasserRatings we would be helluva better off?

    &... being a hostage in soo many ways just blows..

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