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View Diary: If you are black, get out: The crisis of statelessness in the Dominican Republic (208 comments)

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  •  Trujillo (7+ / 0-)

    was the only world leader to promise to accept European Jews who were fleeing Nazi and other anti-Semitic persecution in the 1930s. And a few thousand Jews did manage to make it there. Yet Trujillo's reasons were not pure -- he wanted more White Folks. (Trujillo considered Jews to be White; Hitler did not!) Despite the fact that he clearly saved thousands of Jews from the holocaust, Trujillo has not been honored at Yad VaShem, Jerusalem's holocaust museum, and probably never will. (Neither has Francisco Franco, who also saved thousands of Jews.)

    Interestingly, Haiti also took a few hundred European Jews, most of whom got out and came to America within two years. I know a rabbi whose grandfather spent a year in Haiti. Would that more Jews had known that the racist National Origins Quota Act paid attention only to your country of last residence, and that there was no quota on immigration from any country in the Western Hemisphere.

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