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  •  I'm wondering if I can make a few thousand a (2+ / 0-)
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    Vet63, DaveinBremerton

    head to give people the "real migrant experience"

    take em out to Sasabe and let them walk overland to my community..... about 50 miles, considering the trails, of seriously rugged desert terrain......... There,  they will be stuffed 15 to a Honda and shuttled to Phoenix for 5 lovely days of being locked in a house with maybe cheese sandwiches if they're lucky........

     This will be when I'm bargaining with their families for another couple grand before I let them go on to the insulation factory in Georgia where they will pack loose fiberglass insulation into receptacles without any protective gear including not even a mask let alone a respirator..

    A 2 week Experience that will never be forgotten....

    At least on the last leg of the trip it will only be 10 to a Honda.......

    Vaya con Dios Don Alejo
    I want to die a slave to principles. Not to men.
    Emiliano Zapata

    by buddabelly on Sun Oct 13, 2013 at 12:11:50 PM PDT

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    •  buddabelly (2+ / 0-)
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      DaveinBremerton, buddabelly

      You rock! I bet if I run promotions, yuppies will jump
      at this. Their lungs can get nice and black! I always like being stuffed next to people. I think they should go hungry
      that way they can REALLY GET A TRUE EXPERIENCE!!!

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