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View Diary: Speaker Paul Ryan? Wonderful! (140 comments)

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  •  Ryan doesn't strike me as a guy who likes (16+ / 0-)

    to get his hands dirty. He's been able to wield tremendous power in the background without any of the fallout.

    Boehner may yet survive this, not sure if anyone really wants to lead the nutcase caucus. Unless of course Ryan has been reading too much of the DC press.  They love him because he is a good spokesperson for the austerity crowd.

    Ryan's major fault is hubris and the lack of respect he has for the prez, he's convinced himself that he can outsmart prez Obama (LOL!!) and that any day now he will back down. Can you imagine Ryan dealing with Pelosi and the prez without the threat of default or a shutdown?

    If he or anyone challenges Boehner, I think the speaker has at least 25 repubs who will support him and prevent a majority. Boehner not only fears for his job but the potential breakup of the GOP coalition.

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