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  •  LOL. Reminds me of a conversation I had (7+ / 0-)

    recently with a good friend, who is sadly a conservative Republican.  We got to talking about our husbands, and their contribution to household chores.  She has been a stay-at-home-mom since their first child was born, while I was a working mom until a few years ago.  I mentioned how my husband used to do the laundry, while I did the cooking, and we shared cleaning duties.  She said that even before their first child was born, while she was working as a teacher, her husband still expected her to handle all the household chores.  And she did not appreciate that!

    I gently pointed out that "you have a much more 'traditional' marriage than we do!"  For them, it's the normal & expected way to live, whether or not it makes sense.  I'm quite curious to see what happens to their children.  Two of their three daughters are extremely intelligent (one has just started honors engineering classes in college, and the 11 year old is in an honors magnet middle school, having won State recognition for her writing). But they are following that traditional far.  Seems to me a waste, to send a kid to college where she will excel at her major, only to quit working after 5 years or so (when she gets married & has babies.)

    But that's just me, liberal feminist that I am.  My intelligent daughters are also doing honors science majors & I bet they won't quit to get married right after graduation.  I hope!

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