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View Diary: What's Happenin'? ☮ ♥ ☺10.18.13 (96 comments)

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  •  yep - a prediction of Obama's statement (9+ / 0-)


    what if I noted that someone predicted something

    that must be that I am trying to glorify that person

    that is the kind of statement about priceman

    in that case he predicted the shutdown as the path of USA political theater and rather than analyze, agree, disagree, refute, discuss, or any rational reason about the prediction, one can trot out "you are just trying to glorify yourself"

    how is that for reasoning, American idiots who are proud of it and will fight for the right to remain stupid ...

    The final days of empire give ample employment and power to the feckless, the insane and the idiotic. These politicians and court propagandists, hired to be the public faces on the sinking ship, mask the real work of the crew, which is systematically robbing the passengers as the vessel goes down. The mandarins of power stand in the wheelhouse barking ridiculous orders and seeing how fast they can gun the engines. They fight like children over the ship’s wheel as the vessel heads full speed into a giant ice field. They wander the decks giving pompous speeches. They shout that the SS America is the greatest ship ever built. They insist that it has the most advanced technology and embodies the highest virtues. And then, with abrupt and unexpected fury, down we will go into the frigid waters
    how is this as a prediction of Obama criticism of us (the bloggers) and pricman's swarm?

    The Folly of Empire
    by Chris Hedges

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