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  •  Joe Sullivan set to enter Senate race... (8+ / 0-)

    In Alaska today. Story here.

    Sullivan already took a bit of the shine off Treadwell's bid. At the same time Treadwell was making his announcement, Gov. Sean Parnell put out a press release announcing Sullivan's resignation and praising his time as commissioner and before that, attorney general.

    "Dan has played a key role in getting big things done to strengthen Alaska's economy and families," Parnell said in the Sept. 12 statement.

    Sullivan was the head of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources under Parnell and the Alaska Department of Law under then-Gov. Palin.

    My image of the Republican primary looks something like this: Sullivan and Treadwell split the establishment vote, with one of them (likely Sullivan) appealing more to moderates and economic conservatives and the other (likely Treadwell) appealing more to evangelicals and social conservatives; Miller takes much of the Tea Party and Paulista vote.

    I don't think Miller can actually win the primary, but we'll see -- the Paulist wing of the Alaska Republican Party is very angry in the wake of what it sees as manipulation by the establishment of party leadership rules to throw out Tea Partiers elected to officer positions in the party earlier this year, and the real open question is whether Miller can poach any support from outside the Tea Party, which I'd estimate at 25-35 percent of the Alaska Republican Party (probably not enough for a primary win even in a three-way split field).

    The other open question here is whether Sullivan's entry turns the race into a clown car. There's no shortage of Alaska Republicans who might be looking for an opportunity to move up. While Sarah Palin is pretty unlikely to get in the race, there are others who have yet to decline; Wikipedia names Loren Leman, former lieutenant governor, and Judge Tim Burgess as possible entries. Again, my hunch is no, the field is pretty much set, but it wouldn't surprise me too much if Burgess takes a closer look.

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    by SaoMagnifico on Tue Oct 15, 2013 at 08:29:07 AM PDT

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