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    none of them have really committed to any serious policy positions.  Chang and Anderson are city council newbies.  Takai is running heavily on securing more military pork, which is pretty common in Hawaii (the late Senator Inouye embodied it).  Espero did have a reputation as a conservadem, but it was mostly on social issues.  However, he (and Takai) have recently switched to support marriage equality.  Finding any further information about their other positions is difficult, and if they had their way none of us ever would, at least not this far out from the primary.

    So ultimately, I can't really rank them ideologically, not yet.  By reputation, I don't like Takai and Espero, but I doubt they would end up being like Dan Lipinski or anything like that.  They would probably be a normal Dem vote backbencher on most things.  Chang and Anderson have more potential, but they are still in the "give me money because I'm a good city councilman!" phase, and not really talking about what they would do in DC.  I'm waiting to see how both of them shape up.

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