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  •  People complain no matter how you draw CO (1+ / 0-)
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    There's a variety of "rules" that one can hold to or not.  Difficult if not impossible to follow them all.

    I think the current map is pretty close to a neutral CoI map.  I would just smooth out a couple irregularities (like Longmont, a city in Boulder County, being in the eastern rural 4th district), and give the Denver district some more interior Aurora rather than Ken Caryl to make population.

    •  Well my main issue with the actual map is that (1+ / 0-)
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      the 4th has Longmont and most of Douglas County but not Larimer County and Fort Collins. When you try to reverse that, you end up with Douglas County having to go somewhere. Putting it in the 6th makes the 1st have to grab up a ton of Aurora which I don't particularly like. I'd rather have the 1st drop Columbine and add the areas north of downtown in Adams County, which leads me to this:
       photo CONon-PartisanMapDraftDenver_zpsd23861f7.png

      Yeah I don't like that Columbine and the rural 40% of Douglas are in the 2nd, but the alternatives aren't too appealing either. Regardless, the 3rd and 5th are basically the same, while the main difference is that the 6th is slightly more Republican while the 4th is several points more Democratic but still strongly Republican. What do you guys think?

      •  That could be a fair map (0+ / 0-)

        but I still think Boulder and Fort Collins belong together, if we're going to go by CoI.  I'm not sure if Greeley belongs with them too...maybe in 10 years, but at the moment they're still small-town enough to go with the rural east.  Fort Collins though is a total college town and much more similar to Boulder than to the eastern half of the state it was appended to from 2002 to 2010.

        •  I agree completely (1+ / 0-)
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          I have family in both, and they're definitely a CoI.

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          by wwmiv on Wed Oct 16, 2013 at 03:25:45 PM PDT

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        •  Some more thoughts on CO redistricting (1+ / 0-)
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          I start off by choosing the "anchors" for all seven districts, and then painting outwards.

          CO-01: Denver
          CO-02: Boulder
          CO-03: Western Colorado
          CO-04: Eastern Colorado
          CO-05: Colorado Springs
          CO-06: Aurora
          CO-07: Lakewood/Arvada

          From that, Denver alone is most of the 1st district, and just needs to nibble from elsewhere.  Adding Fort Collins to Boulder also gets the 2nd pretty close (and I feel that Fort Collins is a better match for Boulder than Douglas County).

          However, the rural anchors of the 3rd and 4th don't even provide half the population they need.  Pueblo is commonly added to the 3rd (and I don't really know where else that county would go), and now it comes to the 4th.  Basically, I see nothing else to fill it up besides Weld and Douglas Counties (population centers of Greeley and Castle Rock), which seems more appropriate than adding back Fort Collins.

          Give the 5th a couple other nearby counties, and it's getting close.  The 6th does need quite a bit more population, and it seems logical to throw on the south Denver suburbs of Centennial and Littleton.  Then you've got the 7th which can take some other Jefferson County cities, the north Denver suburbs (Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster), and maybe Broomfield too.

          You end up getting a map pretty similar to what ended up happening.

          •  All right so basically if you keep Larimer County (1+ / 0-)
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            in the 2nd, the things that I feel should be changed from the actual map are 1) putting Longmont in the 2nd 2) getting rid of the loop around the airport with the 6th 3) removing Columbine/Ken Caryl from the 1st and 4) putting Las Animas with Pueblo where it fits much better while 5) trying to keep suburbs like Highlands Ranch in north Douglas in the 6th.

            Doing all that leaves the 4th considerably underpopulated and to avoid taking in the more suburban areas of the Denver metro area, I nixed #4 and had to have the it take up rural north/east Adams County and then take in 17k people in rural eastern El Paso County to avoid splitting any more cities and got this:
             photo CONon-PartisanMapDraftDenver_zpsa02de404.png

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