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    That's why I rather focus on what the sane people are going to do in response to their feces-spreading-on-walls. What is the best course of action when dealing with these type of nut-jobs? How do you negotiate with crazy people who see the results of their own actions as a sign of the end of times? Or who think that plunging the country into a possible economic depression as a necessary slimming down?


    In order to focus on what we need to do with the GOP House majorities attempts at spreading feces on walls you must talk about the actual ACT in the first place.  It must be pointed out how crazy they are, how they are hurting the populace, in order to have the public's backing for proper action.  I have trouble understanding why the author does not GET that.  

    All one has to look at is Wolf Blitzer pontificating about the early struggles of the ACA website,  stating that the implementation of the ACA SHOULD be delayed by a year with the following comment:  "they should accept the advice Republicans are giving them, delay it for a year..."  

     In the face of the attempt by some in the media to create an alternate universe in which the government shutdown is not the result of crazy tea party overreach but might actually be a reasonable request we have to work tirelessly to point out HOW loony and bat-shit crazy the right has become.  Make no mistake, this is primarily a fight for public opinion, and sheepishly creating false equivalencies or complaining that we are focusing too much on the craziness of Republicans.    

    The reason front page writers here and on other sites have focused on the GOPs follies is to counteract the Wolf Blitzer's and other "equivalency" hawks of the world.  

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