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View Diary: Seattle Times Opinion Section is Excoriating GOP Representatives (117 comments)

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  •  Re - austerity ~ fascism (0+ / 0-)

    With regard to Greece, the rise of Syriza - the Coalition of the Radical Left - caused far more alarm among the European policy elite than the rise of Golden Dawn. Fascist parties they can tolerate: populist anger that might otherwise be directed at the economic & political elite can be channelized toward immigrants & minorities. What is more, fascist parties can be useful to the "respectable" right in gaining power: witness the tactical alliance between Fidesz (ostensibly center-right) & Jobbik (outright fascist) in Hungary. In fact, it isn't too much of a stretch to compare this to the Republican/Tea Party dynamic in the U.S. But an unapologetically leftist party that forcefully rejects austerity & privatization must be denied power at all costs.

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