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  •  Stay the road now that the going will get rougher. (1+ / 0-)
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    The GOP, Tea Baggers, Koch Addicts, All GOP Shut Down Artists must be brought to the one hundreth and one blow and they will fall like the walls of Jericho.  The losses from the Shut Down are enormous to our economy and now the world will take notice because a Shut Down is coming to a town near you, too.    

    Open Up Our Government,
    With No Gain,
    For The GOP
    Of Any Kind.
    Just grow up
    And Stop Farting
    At the dinner table.

    And we want an increase in Social Security and a lowering of the age to quality for Social Security.  Pass it now before we send you to federal prison for treason. No this is not black mail, we have not Shut Down the government the way you did when you expelled your venom toward the President and the American people.

    By the way you can be fined for the government Shut Down if found guilty in a court of law.  I suggest that all your assets and those of your Koch masters be forfeited and you are sentenced to a term to beg on a street corner for $ to live.  Beware you who sell the poor for a pair of shoes.  You too will taste bitterness and degradation.  What you don't like the Bible well the Bible likes you.  Your redemption is at hand.

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