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View Diary: President Obama: 'We Stand A Good Chance Of Defaulting' (20 comments)

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  •  I agree that this situation is horrible (1+ / 0-)
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    and it is crazy we are even discussing the possibility of defaulting. However, the title in which Obama is to have stated "We stand a good chance of defaulting" isn't really a good representation of what he says in the quote below. Perhaps he believes that progress will be made and default averted? Without knowing his belief on that it is impossible to know if he thinks that we stand a good chance of actually defaulting.

    I think we should be careful about reporting quotes in the correct context.

    "Not only is it untenable for us to continue this shutdown, this week, if we don't start making some real progress both in the House and the Senate and if Republicans aren't willing to set aside some of their partisan concerns in order to do what's right for the country, we stand a good chance of defaulting and defaulting would have a potentially devastating effect on our economy sending interest rates shooting up, people — whether Social Security recipients or people with disabilities or small business people who are vendors to government — not getting paid on time," Obama said.

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