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  •  I encourage all of my friends/family to prep (3+ / 0-)
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    although I don't fantasize about society collapsing like doomsday preppers & some libertarian/teabaggers, I do store adequate quantities of water, food (canned & dehydrated), firewood, candles, batteries, etc...I have multiple methods of boiling water & cooking, and have become a silverbug who got into collecting silver.

    There is a great level of comfort knowing that if there is an emergency, that I can provide for my family.

    When Superstorm Sandy came through Philadelphia last year, I saw people scrambling through the store trying to buy last minute items like bread, milk, eggs, and water (people must have made a lot of french toast); meanwhile I was leisurely walking through the store picking up a few things to make for dinner that night, and lunch the next day. Otherwise we were prepared to support my family and in-laws for about 2 weeks.

    Remember, it takes 3 days for a store to be emptied, and 3 months for it to be restocked.

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