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  •  This is exactly the attitude (4+ / 0-)

    that is killing us.

    How do you reconcile that statement with how popular progressive stances are with the American public? Single-payer, regulation and prosecution of the banksters, expansion of the safety net, etc. Do you think the American public is clamoring for the Grand Bargain and chained CPI?

    Would be too easy a target for smear campaigning.
    O ya, because the Republican case against Hillary 2016 isn't going to be a total smear campaign. Pro tip: smear campaign is standard operating procedure for the Republicans. It doesn't matter who the Dem is. It's always going to be a nasty fight.

    "Oh no, we can't run an actual liberal because the Republicans will be mean and we might lose." It's an attitude that's as mystifying as it is knee-capping, and I can't believe how prevalent it still is on this site.

    Banking on the American people to be able to sort all this out and declare the adult in the room the winner is a very big bet. -Digby

    by Boogalord on Mon Oct 14, 2013 at 02:07:20 PM PDT

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    •  Yes, Hilary will get smeared (1+ / 0-)
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      But unlike Warren, she is a much better known quantity and so the smears and lies will not have the same kind of effect.

      I really like Warren, but I have no illusions about how strong a candidate she would be for President.  Instead, I would much rather see her in a cabinet role.

      •  better known quantity that we KNOW we don't want (0+ / 0-)

        whereas I think I might like Elizabeth Warren.

        We are all pupils in the eyes of God.

        by nuclear winter solstice on Mon Oct 14, 2013 at 05:19:37 PM PDT

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        •  Are you willing to risk President Christie for it? (1+ / 0-)
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          JamieG from Md
          •  when democrats like Obama are willing to (1+ / 0-)
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            compromise on things like Social Security (and he even told us during the debates that he was "closer to" Romney than anyone might really think) and all the other things like NAFTA that "democrats" bring us-? yep. I'll vote for my third party candidate as usual because if I can't get what I from a democrat then why should I vote for one?  

            We could have stood up for Medicare for all, but no, our democratic President took that off the table and only supported a system in which our tax money now pays the difference between what we should be paying for coverage and the profits the for-profit system wants to have.

            Yes I like new rules that say insurance companies can't hold pre-existing conditions against us, but we could have made that the law of the land anyway if we wanted to.

            If the dems run Warren, then I will vote for her.
            We need a president who is right the first time.
            So I for one plan to write him in again.

            We are all pupils in the eyes of God.

            by nuclear winter solstice on Mon Oct 14, 2013 at 05:54:20 PM PDT

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