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  •  Frankly, losing in 2008 may be the best thing... (2+ / 0-)
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    mndan, kurt

    ...that ever happened to Hillary.

    She would have gotten the same treatment Obama did, if she won, and I'm not convinced Mark Penn could have beat the Repubs.

    Now, after 8 years, the wingnuts will be somewhat punched out, and much older, and on the demographic decline.

    •  Her term as Sec of State was a real eye opener (1+ / 0-)
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      This was a great position for her, and Obama.

      Whether or not she goes on to run and be Pres in 2016 (she will and she will), HRC really is better positioned in 2016 then in 2008.

      I would never have voted for her (and Mark Penn) in 2008. However, I'd be happy to vote for her in 2016.

      While I am also happy to look at other Dem candidates in 2016, really hard to see anyone who will match her.

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