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View Diary: On the HealthCare.Gov Implementation...[Updatedx2] (113 comments)

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  •  You need to blame your state just as much (0+ / 0-)

    SCOTUS threw a wrench into the works by letting states refuse Medicaid expansion and smaller wrenches came from assorted non-cooperative states making it harder for navigators to do their work. You can't lay all that on the FED's door -- and even if it did lay at the Feds door, don't whine about the website, get on the phone to a navigator to someone else who can help.  

    If your state is preventing you from accessing a navigator or other aid, make some serious noise at the ballot box next time around. But don't wait, get on the phone with them now.

    •  i have talked (4+ / 0-)
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      greenbell, flo58, chimene, jorogo

      to them...its not their fault.  They don't have anymore access to putting my application in then I do.  You are making assumptions about something you obviously haven't had to deal with.  I am 100% behind this working, but they gave no one the tools to allow that to happen.

      ACA representatives and navigators should have been given the ability to get me into the system that I can't currently access online...they don't.  They have to use the same access I have.  Thats idiotic.  The system as it is constituted today is that ALL of us including those who are taking our info have to use the "glitchy system"...why can't I call an ACA representative or navigator...have them walk me through the application...they enter it and I then have direct access to view the exchange and see the different plans...then choose a plan and have it effective Jan 1st.  Right now that is not applicable.....State Exchanges are getting hung for this same reason...lots of states such as Maryland are getting bottle necked at the Federal Level...Its effecting all the exchanges.....thats the part I want to fix...I don't care about the website..that will be done in due time...its the fact that they didn't have personal access way to do all this thats got my painties in a bunch...its just idiotic to have an all data verification that has to go thru 6 agencies and not have a way around the digital process......

      •  Understood (3+ / 0-)
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        amsterdam, chimene, jorogo

        I just wanna get the party started. I (literally) can't wait to see Obamacare implemented. I truly hope the site gets fixed and -- everyone who wants to -- gets signed up by December 15. I have a boatload riding on it.

        •  thats the other (4+ / 0-)
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          flo58, TX Freethinker, chimene, tofumagoo

          thing that has my panties in a bunch.  I have a lot of co-workers and friends who do not currently have health insurance...and I want more than anything to brag about how they can now afford it and mean really afford it.  They would sign up in a heart beat..that I am for certain...the prices for us getting subsidies is really they will def. sign up. But at this point I am glad I didn't already brag about the site before it was implemented...I WANT TO SELL THIS AS LOUD AS I CAN TO ALL I KNOW..but right now I have to keep it a low profile until they get this worked out.  Hopefully sooner rather than later......

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